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Sept 2015 class




Denise Linn and LuAnn Cibik

have been working closely together since 2003.

LuAnn has been a

leading member of the

Interior Alignment Foundation Council since appointed by Denise in 2002, and has worked closely with Denise as her assistant at many courses and events.


LuAnn loves to see her graduates SHINE and offered ongoing Mentoring and support.



Are you one of my graduates?


You get a $300 discount!





The local Native American Pow Wow is a FUN event filled with dancing, drumming and vendors from all across the USA. There are competitions with participants in full regalia. It's a beautiful event to watch and cheer on your favorite performers.


There are food vendors, as well as many craft vendors, with jewelry, tools, clothing music and more.


It is a day when people of all nationalities come together as brothers and sister to celebrate the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth.


We will arrive for opening ceremony on Sunday and leave at 5pm.


If you choose to stay for this day, there is an additional $100 in tuition that includes your Saturday evening stay at CHI HOUSE, admission fee to the Pow Wow, transportation to the Pow wow, and then to the airport (or airport area hotel). It does not include meals on Saturday evening after course completion)  or at the Pow wow event.

Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner / Medicine Wheel Feng Shui


An Interior Alignment® Professional Certification Level course

at Inner Harmony / Inner Strength, Leechburg PA


For those who have already attained a CPIA

more than 6 months prior

to this class


Arrive the evening of Monday Sept 18 for a meet and greet!


September 19-24, 2017


Included in this course -

Native American Powwow to enjoy drumming, dancing and crafts


Gift of a 14 inch Native American made Elk drum, as a symbol of stepping into the role of an Advanced Practitioner


Mini quest in nature to connect to the 4 directions and 4 elements

With Master Educator

 LuAnn Cibik

Curriculum Includes:

  • Ways to deepen your connection to your client
    Using shamanistic methods to connect with the home and the land of your clients for powerful consultations and clearings

  • Review of the information in the Red Book, including the new Southern Hemisphere information

  • Advanced  information on the five elements.

  • Additional methods to enrich a space using the elements of fire, water, earth and air

  • Powerful shamanistic processes to step into your mastery of energy work and protection of yourself

  • Creation of medicine wheel

  • Meditations in the four directions for personal answers and understanding

  • Drumming

  • Ceremony

  • and much much more.

Tuition includes lodging, and all meals provided. No need to rent a car as airport shuttle service for the group can be provided.  Use this time as your 'reset' button from life - to connect with nature, step away from electronics and rebalance your mind and your body through daily connection to air, water, fire and earth. 





In addition to the campfires and the evening drumming to connect with the spirits of nature, students can optionally stay an additional day to attend the local Native American Pow Wow! If one does not wish to attend the Pow wow with the class, that will have a day to spend in nature, or rent a car and visit the local Pittsburgh area.


Course tuition includes lodging, meals and airport transportation!


Here in nature, invoke your ability to step into the role of the shaman... the master. During this time we perform space clearings and refine your Synchro-Alignment skills and the ability to do your own shamanistic journey work




Learn more about the medicine wheel, the energy of the directions, the power of the four elements and how to incorporate these into design elements in a home


With the Four element system, you will learn how to understand what elemental clan your client is a part of and how to create a home for their soul using sound, scent, and design elements. Even learn what type of architecture most relates with their element and how to create homes that blend elemental styles.


It is a unique and powerful way to conduct consultations with clients,  that deeply touches their heart and soul.

A part of this course  is receiving your gift of a Native American made Elk hide drum, and a ceremony to honor stepping into the role of the Advanced Practitioner, and a practitioner of Medicine Wheel Feng Shui.

This drum comes from a maker chosen by Denise Linn and her Way of the Drum booklet is a part of this gift. And... this is not the only gift that is a part of this class... gifts that empower you in your work as a practitioner!





Why should you be in this course?


Are you ready to take that next step in your practice and in your life?

This course gives you that opportunity to reach deeply into your own wisdom. TO discover what is magical about you. To unlock your hidden abilities.

We will connect with your past lifetime as a shaman or geomancer, and release blockages and tap into ancient wisdom.

Connect with your guides and totem animals. Gain messages from the angels of the four directions.

Tuition: $3100


$500 due prior to Aug 15  to hold your spot

Balance due prior to Sept 15
Tuition covers all course materials, lodging, meals, and airport transportation at designated times.

It also includes transportation to the local POW WOW, and admission fees.


To Register:


To register for the course and hold your space, a $500 deposit is required at time of registration.

This can be paid via PayPal or with a check mailed to:

LuAnn Cibik

825 Lovers Leap Road

Leechburg PA 15656

The balance of the tuition is due before  Sept 15


Click here to register!

Want to know more? I would love to tell you more about the course.

Please call 724-316-2428 or email LuAnn at







Course Withdrawal Policy:

    In case of student withdrawal:

  • If cancellation is any time on or before Aug 15, a full refund will be issued, minus a $100 processing fee. 
  • If the cancellation after Aug 15,  the deposit / tuition payment can be applied to an upcoming course, or a portion of the deposit/ tuition may be refunded based on the amount of supplies that have already been purchased for the class.
  • If the participant must cancel after Sept 15 , no refund on the tuition is issued. However the student may apply their tuition to a future certification course by LuAnn (including private training). A portion of the tuition may not be transferable based on the amount of lodging and supplies  that have already been purchased/reserved  for the class.
  • If a student needs to leave the onsite course due to am emergency, they may come back to the next scheduled same certification level class at Inner Harmony and take the onsite portion to attain their certification free of charge. If they wish to compete training sooner, they may schedule private makeup sessions, which will be at an addition fee based on number of days needed, food and lodging.

Interior Alignment® Feng Shui &  Space Clearing Certification