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Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® (CPIA )

Professional Feng Shui and Space Clearing Certification course

Retreat style course:

Both the Online and Onsite portions of the

course are required for certification


Exclusive Immersive training event. Only 4 students will be accepted for this course. This allows for private attention and focus on the skills you want to develop!


Online course begins

Begins January 17, 2022

12 concept lessons

(Students will be accepted through January 28th 2021)


Onsite Retreat Style Intensive

May 1-8, 2022

(Students arrive on evening of our first day to the retreat house and our first gathering that evening)



This Course provides

DOUBLE certification


Instinctive Feng Shui™ Practitioner


Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ Practitioner


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With Master Educator

 LuAnn Cibik




Now is the time to become an Interior Alignment Practitioner!

Now, more than ever, people are aware of how their homes impact their life. Homes are more than a shelter from the storms, they are our sanctuary, and probably our works space and school space. It's where we relax, have fun, and create our life.

Feng Shui is the art and science of how you create a home for your soul.  Interior Alignment(R) is the system that uses the ancient techniques as well as the modern and necessary science of healthy home.

Why Attend This course?

This is a small and intimate course. This allows for your questions to be answers and your talents developed fully. Immerse yourself in the learning of feng shui and the power of nature at this retreat style course.

The course will be held at Inner Strength/ Inner Harmony Education center. Students will stay at our retreat house here on our 88 acres property in lovely wooded Western PA.  Students lodging is a part of the course tuition (you choose your room when you register for the course).  All meals are included in the tuition price as well.

Think of this as a getaway, your 'feng shui retreat', where you don't have to worry about driving around, meals, and immerse in absorbing and experiencing the information.

I have been certifying Interior Alignment® practitioners since 2003, and have graduates in the US, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many more locations around the world.  I love when I teach at my home as I have all my resources here, all space clearing tools, a library of resource books, essential oils, rock and crystals and much much more that allows this to be a full experience for my students.


The Online Portion of the Course:


Through the 12 LIVE online concept lessons you learn powerful feng shui concepts for your home, effective space clearing techniques and ways to connect with your intuitive self.  You will be in an e-group online with your classmates, in order to share your revelations about your home and yourself, and  ask questions in this online classroom setting. 


These concept lessons include reading assignments and downloadable content and constant email support along the way. Plan 1 hour for our live class, and then another 2-3 hours in reading and homework assignment..


As a part of your homework assignments you will be assessing your homes energy and have my input as well.


This online portion give you the taste of how feng shui changes feels, what a home feels like after a space clearing, and what kinds of issues and challenges as well as ease and benefits might come up for your clients as their work on their home.


Not a computer genius?

Don't worry - if you can use email, and ZOOM,  then you can easily be a part of this course!


Added bonus:


This course include weekly live teleconference classes for interactive questions and answer,  downloadable lectures, videos and content to enrich your learning experience.


Live attendance is encouraged and I will do my best to schedule the classes in a way that everyone has the opportunity to attend live. Classes will be recorded in the event you need to miss a class.


The Onsite Portion of the course:


Once the internet portion is completed, you will spend 7 days with me at my retreat center in Leechburg PA, USA. We are about 45 minutes north east of Pittsburgh PA.


We take the information to a deeper level, and invoke your ability to step into the role of the shaman... the master. During this time we have actual consultations, space clearings and refine your Synchro-Alignment skills with clients.

You experience creating and performing blessing ceremonies, build meaningful altars, practice with many tools, include bells, drums, crystals and essential oils.  


You will become proficient at working with a variety of floor plans and using the Bagua.


You will learn how to recognize how the energy is feeling and flowing in spaces, and what to do to shift and change the energy to be what the client needs. You will take all your skills and talents and create recommendations for clients that incorporate symbolism, color, arrangement and more. We will work with both residential and commercial clients.


You  will feel adept with using Space Clearing tools and methods and confident in your ability to shift and change the energy of a space!


Most importantly, You will have the time and personal attention to have your questions and concerns answered. With the limited number of students in this course, you can feel that all your questions will be answered.  I love connecting with each of my students so that I can truly empower them.


Each student has a special gift talent and ability, and I love to see YOU shine!




 Working with your first client

During the onsite portion of this course you will work with an actual client in their home, and be giving your first feng shui consultation and recommendations. but don't be nervous. This is done in a step by step manner that you can then simulate that same process when doing your own feng shui consultations. You will be working with LuAnn, as well as your classmates, on the best ways to work with clients, and how to hone your feng shui recommendations.




Also in this course...


You will learn many techniques for space clearing and finding answers using Synchro-Alignment skills with clients, as well as to better understand yourself and connect with the energy of your surroundings.


You will expand your understanding of both the four element system and five element system of defining the energy of a space, using the Bagua to assess the energy impact on both homes and businesses, and experience working with clients and conducting a full consultation.  We will cover real life situations and how to adjust the energy using objects, color, arrangement and intention.


We will look at the architecture of buildings, and spaces and understand how that influences the energy of the space. We will view furniture and design trends and learn about their natural energies and how this can make people feel. 


We will explore the deeper meanings of colors, symbols, astrology, numerology, and incorporate information on healthy homes. We will tour the local area, looking at the natural and manmade influence of chi on a space. You will learn many techniques to sense and work with the energy of a space, and skills to strengthen your ability to sense energy.


Completion of all online concept lessons and onsite assignments earned you your certification as a

Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®.




This certification gives you the ability to become a part of our professional Interior Alignment® organization and stay connected to great feng shui practitioners from all over the world, sharing tips and support. this is such a valuable part of the program, as you never need to feel alone in your love of feng shui and space clearing. You will hear about new developments in healthy homes, more details on tools and techniques, and much much more!





Denise Linn and LuAnn Cibik

have been working closely

together since 2003.


LuAnn has been a

leading member of the

Interior Alignment(R) Foundation Council since appointed by Denise in 2004.  She has worked closely with Denise at many courses as well as workshop organizer for the

The Linn Academy events and conferences.


Photo from the  2013 London

Soul Coaching Oracle Card

Certification Program


The Interior Alignment® Curriculum:

Become certified as a full Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®,

which includes

an Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner


Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing Practitioner .



Our connection to our home:

How we are linked to our homes, using this connection to understand what our clients need,

using Synchro-Alignment processes to assist your client's connection and understanding of their home, and is messages for them.

Instinctive Feng Shui:

History of feng shui in the world, Yin/Yang spaces, What is Chi, Using the Five Elements as tools to understand and change a space, basic principals of arrangement and chi flow, the Bagua, Form Feng Shui, Feng Shui of the land, Feng Shui for the home, feng shui for business;

Use of colors, shapes, symbols and other aspects of space in a home for creation of balance and energy, reading floor plans,  performing a supervised client consultation, and discovering changes you can make to your own home.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing:

Connecting with energy, reading energy of a space, working with the four elements of nature air-fire-water-earth to understand how their energy can be used to shift and change a space, creating meaningful altars, connecting with your guides, totems and angels,  creating blessing ceremonies, learning to use various methods and tools for clearing space and setting intention, and clutter clearing, how to prepare yourself for safe, powerful and effective space clearings, dealing with ghosts and other energies, remote space clearing techniques, including dowsing.

Healthy Home Concepts:

Importance of nature and it's cycles on human health, power of natural light, how harmful chemicals gain entrance to your home, locating EMF's by using a EMF reader and how to limit their negative impact on health, indoor plants to create better air, building and remodeling information for creating a natural and healthy home, the power of clutter clearing and how to be a clutter clearing coach for your clients, and MORE!

Practitioner Tools:

How to conduct effective and powerful consultations, how to connect with clients through marketing and networking, creating your professional image, creating a business filled with joy, integrity and ethics, workshop and seminar ideas, basic marketing concepts to launch your practice, and MORE!






Tuition Price: $5400 All Inclusive


Tuition covers all course materials, tours and meals daily during our onsite program. It also includes lodging and transportation from the airport and back again at the end of our week. 


When comparing courses, please make sure you compare that this is an ALL INCLUSIVE experience... Just arrive and enjoy!


To be considered for this course, please email LuAnn at to discuss your interest and reasons for wanting to be an Interior Alignment practitioner, and if this course is right for you.




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Interior Alignment®

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About LuAnn Cibik







I am delighted to offer you $300 off the tuition price!

If you are a student or graduate of any other Denise Linn certification program

( Soul Coaching, Gateway Dreaming, Clutter Clearing, Red Lotus Mystery School, Oracle Card Reader)


Only one discount can apply to the registration.. so Register early for the best option!

Print the registration form and then drop me a check to:


Inner Harmony

825 Lover Leap Road

Leechburg PA 1565






To register for the course and hold your space, a $500 deposit is required at time of registration.

This can be paid via PayPal or with a check mailed to:

LuAnn Cibik

825 Lovers Leap Road

Leechburg PA 15656



Click here to register!


I would love to tell you more about the course.

Please call 724-316-2428 or email LuAnn at


Arrival and Departure:


Students are asked to plan their arrive after 6pm the day class starts  to assure that their room is ready for them.  If you will need shuttle service from the airport, please plan your flight arrival  by 5, so that all students can ride together on the shuttle that will leave at 6pm. We will have a small meet and greet this evening around 7pm, so that everyone can meet in person (you will have gotten to know each other well during the online portion of the course and this will feel like meeting old friends!)


Class time will meet daily from 9 am till 6 pm, and several days will also have evening sessions or homework assigned.


We will finish class by noon on the last day and you can safely schedule your flight after 3 pm. Or you may wish to stay the night in Pittsburgh and enjoy the museums of sights in the city.

I have taught over 46 Interior Alignment courses, in the US and Australia, and have had students come to courses from all over the world.

I feel like I am blessed with just some of the best students in the world!


Course Withdrawal Policy:

    In case of student withdrawal:

  • If cancellation is any time on or before Jan 18, a full refund will be issued, minus a $100 processing fee. 
  • If the cancellation after Jan 18,  the deposit / tuition payment can be applied to an upcoming course, or a portion of the deposit/ tuition may be refunded based on the amount of supplies that have already been purchased for the class.
  • If the participant must cancel after April 1, no refund on the tuition is issued. However the student may apply their tuition to a future certification course by LuAnn. A portion of the tuition may not be transferable based on the amount of lodging and supplies  that have already been purchased/reserved  for the class,
  • If a student needs to leave the onsite course due to an emergency, they may come back to the next scheduled same certification level class at Inner Harmony and take the onsite portion to attain their certification free of charge. If they wish to compete training sooner, they may schedule private makeup sessions, which will be at an addition fee based on number of days needed, food and lodging. The student who does not choose to complete the course may not keep their course materials as these are copy written materials for Interior Alignment Professional Practitioners.








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Interior Alignment® Feng Shui &  Space Clearing Certification

with Master Educator LuAnn Cibik