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For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Interior Alignment ® 

Feng Shui & Space Clearing Certification

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Interior Alignment® was created by

Denise Linn, best selling Feng Shui author and speaker. Denise traveled the world compiling information on how to creating healthy and sacred spaces. Several of her best selling books include 'Feng Shui for the Soul' and 'Sacred Space'.


Interior Alignment® (IA) honors ancient knowledge of indigenous people all over the world and at the same time includes training on on 21st century healthy home practices, and how energy works and feels in our modern homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities.  We help our clients create a home for their soul, understand the symbolism in their space, and much more.



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Certification Levels & Programs:  See Calendar for Dates or Private Training is also available.


  • Interior Alignment Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing

  • Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng Shui

  • Interior Alignment® Feng Shui & Space Clearing Double Certification

  • Advanced Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui®  Training

  • Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®




Interior Alignment® certification begins with one of these powerful specialties:


Instinctive Feng Shui  uses color, scent, sounds, symbolism, shapes, and the concepts of how energy moves through a space; what makes it move fast, what makes it slow down, what causes it to get stuck. And how each of these conditions affects the people who live or work  there.


Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing  is the process to remove stagnant, heavy or disruptive energy forces from a building. We integrate this with house blessings, and other method to consecrate spaces and allow the desired energy to stay and blossom in a space.


Programs are offered separately, or in special programs for double certification. Once you have take both, you are considered an Interior Alignment Practitioner, and can go on to the advanced levels of training. LuAnn has been certifying IA practitioners since 2004, and has held more classes that any other teacher. Her students have gone on to become Master Teachers themselves.



From LuAnn:


"I fell in love with the Interior Alignment® philosophy in 1999, and chose this as the school to train in. I have worked as a practitioner since 2002 and I am honored and blessed to be able to offer this certification to others. I loved it because it spoke to how we live in our modern world where bathrooms are great spaces, and modern life introduces it's own dangers to be addressed. It's a different world than 400 BC China.


Interior Alignment® Practitioners work with what you can both see and feel in a space... the seen and the unseen. This course does not focus on teaching you RULES, but TOOLS, so that as a professional you can connect to and sense the energy of the space, and also discover what your client truly desires. Then you help them create their home as a template for their life.


Both of these practices use a guided visualization process called Synchro-Alignment™ to connect your client with their own wisdom and guidance, and provides a profound result even when used on it's own.


All of these practices can all be done in person at a clients home and also as effective distance consultations. 


When you graduate from this this course you will have done both in person and distance work. You will be ready to start your own practice, with guidance from professional practitioner with almost 20 years experience, not just someone who has read books.


Becoming an Interior Alignment® graduate also grants you the opportunity to become a part of our worldwide network of professionals, sharing an online e-group resource for questions, teleconferences of feng shui and spaces clearing, and much more."




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Your home is a reflect of your soul.


The two practices of Instinctive Feng Shui and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing

are interwoven. However, you can also take both certification separately.


Click here to read the curriculum for this Professional Level Program.


Interior Alignment® Feng Shui &  Space Clearing Certification