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Forest Therapy  Practitioner Certification



Forest Therapy  sometimes also called Forest Bathing is a practice to support healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. There is more and more research proving the effectiveness of this practice. Forest Therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku.

This practice and certification is one that can be done by people of all fitness level. It's not just a hike in the woods. It's a specific practice that allows one to connect with nature and the forest in specific ways, designed to have positive effect on the immune system, the stress levels, and overall mental health.

LuAnn Cibik, founder of Inner Harmony School and the Enchanted Living(TM) series of programs and certification, has been 'leading' Forest Therapy before it had a name in the USA. The connection with nature and it's healing benefits are something that she incorporated into her client work in Feng Shui and coaching. Using her woodlands and meadows as a part of every course she holds gives practitioners that grounded reconnection to the natural world. In this program she shares her techniques for allowing anyone to benefit from the practice of being mindful in nature.



Enchanted Living Forest Therapy program


Our Forest Therapy Practitioner Training gives you both experiences in the forest to have your own empirical evidence of the benefits of the practice. You then learn the science behind how these techniques works, how to guide people on safe and effective forest therapy sessions, and how to pull in the ancient traditions of honoring nature and nature spirits into this work. You will also have information on the latest medical studies on the benefits and effectiveness of this practice. Every Forest therapy session can have a different focus, based on location, plant life, season, time of day or other way your clients will connect with the healing powers of nature.

Forest Therapy is a practice. You will be the ambassador to nature and the energy of trees to those attending your sessions.  You will learn to design Forest Therapy sessions to suit your clients, and your surroundings. You will be teaching others a new way to look at trees, shrubs, insects and nature, and the complex system that we humans are a part of, but have forgotten.  In Forest Therapy, there is a structure that you will learn for this practice, and ways to make each session a unique experience to continue to draw  your clients back for more.

You will be an educator on the practice, that people can do on their own. But as a Practitioner, you will be offering them the deeper experience of being able to really let go of any focus other that the experience of soaking in nature. As the Practitioner, you will learn how to safely take your clients through an experience. Forest Therapy session are best when 2-4 hours long, and only covering perhaps a 1/4 mile. There is no need for a deep woods experience to have the maximum benefit. In this course you will create you own experiences, and for the onsite training, be lead by your trainer, LuAnn Cibik, on the sacred lands of Inner Harmony/Inner Strength, as well as local trails.


From LuAnn:


"Who would believe a gal who loves glitter and high heels would also love nature and being in the woods? I am that gal, and if you are a person who has always felt being in nature was a great concept but a bit scary in practice, then this program could be the one you are looking for.


Many Forest Therapy training programs focus on more deep woods, hiking, living on the land experiences. There is nothing wrong with that, however, it's not necessary to gain the benefits of nature. It's been shown that it's not the amount of miles one covers, but the 'bathing' of the experience of individual trees, plants, rocks, and the sensory experience. The goal is not a destination... the goal is just being... and the role of the Practitioner of Forest Therapy is to bring the clients senses to focus on the the present, what is in there, living and breathing in this space with them. It's to reintroduce the concept that humans are a part of nature, the ecosystem, the planet.


I created this program so that more and more people could learn how to effectively use Forest Therapy for themselves, their family, and if they like, leading groups into this experience. As a feng shui, space clearing, and Soul Coaching® teacher, this practices meshes deeply with the understanding of the use of chi/life force energy in our homes and lives.


This program will also bring in the honoring of nature spirits, introduce having totem plants, rock friends, and connecting with the world of fairies, unicorns and more. Creating joy, sparking the imagination, and assisting people to shift a mindset that could be in a rut  that is not empowering is an important aspect of this program. We will also cover how to hold a mini quest for yourself and others.


I would be delighted to have you join me in this powerful practice."


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