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Unlock the Secret Messages of your Body!

Essentials about Essential Oils

Inner Harmony Makeover!

Personal Inner Harmony Feng Shui Course

Developing your Dreams: Intuitive Program

Arrange for Success: Business Feng Shui Course



Essentials about Essential Oils

Want to learn more about essential oils, what they are, how to use them, which could be the more beneficial for you to use?

I am passionate about essential oils and have studied them and used them for over 20 years. I will share with you information on how to shop for the quality of oil that you need for home cleaning purposes, medical purposes and space clearing work.

Online course -  Once you register , you will get a link and may  listen on your computer or call in to a recorded 1 hour lecture.  (you may also download for later reference)

Class is $20. Please register using the paypal link!


Online recorded class with PDF




Soul Coaching®   for Health online program

28 days of daily coaching and inspiration in your inbox!


Based on the book "Secret Messages of the Body' released by Denise Linn, this program was crafted by Denise so that participants will understanding their bodies and the messages and beliefs held at a cellular level.  Whether working through pain, changing your body image, or creating an environment for healing your body through intention and practice, this program will lead your through amazing shifts.


BONUS! As a very special BONUS to this program, you will also be able to take part in a very special CLUTTER CLEARING from the Inside Out online program. This is a part of the Soul Coaching Clutter Clearing quest that can only be offered by Advanced Soul Coaches. This includes a download clutter clearing tips and strategies from LuAnn, a special workbook to help you sort through your life and your material possessions. LuAnn will also be sharing other tips from the Magic of Tidying up, to help you honor those things you release, and how to cherish what you have.


LuAnn is also a  Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Practitioner, each week we explore how to use the power of nature in your home, to support your changes in your body! Over the four weeks there will be Medicine Wheel Feng Shui suggestions for your home.


This online program is both flexible and powerful. It does not require you to be at your computer at any specific day or time. The information will be delivered to you daily via email, with your daily affirmation, a small exercise for you and also three levels of program to choose from that can take as little as 10 minutes per day or as long as you like!

There are  also weekly meditation from Denise to connect with the element of the week, and a bonus Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out download from LuAnn. There are weekly workbooks to help you along and an e-group of all the participants so that you can share your joys and your ah-ha's as well as get encouragement when you are feeling stuck. LuAnn will be there online with you everyday coaching and sharing. It's her goal to kick start a weight loss and healthy lifestyle for herself during this program, and she wants the same for you!


Feel like you are too busy?

It's totally ok if you don't have the time to do something every day.  You will still get results doing what you can when you can.

Check calendar for next scheduled group date


LuAnn is a Certified Advanced Soul Coach and is one of a select small group that can offer this program as authorized by Denise.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR PREVIOUS Inner Harmony students, ESC students and Letting it Go participants!


Inner Harmony Makeover- Online Program

4 weeks of understanding yourself and how to reflect your true soul's purpose and your goals in everything around you, from your home to your clothing and jewelry

With my extensive training in both clutter clearing, space clearing, intentional altar building and fen shui, we will explore how to organize your closet to make each day a celebration of who you are. Start each day happy and feeling great about yourself!

Once you understand your self, your energy both inside and out, you will learn how to shop and purchase things in the future that you will love, use  and wear because they reflect who you are! Save time and money!

As a Group Program:

Weekly email with workbook link, and link to live lecture (which can be downloaded or listened to later)

Facebook group created for this class, to share information about yourself and your 'closet' discoveries. Daily encouragement assists you in seeing yourself in a new light!

As Private coaching

Weekly emails with LuAnn with workbook link, and link to recorded lecture (which can be downloaded or listened to later)

As you work through the program with LuAnn, you will share your homework assignment via email with feedback and suggestions.  Weekly encouragement assists you in seeing yourself in a new light!

Program includes one teleconference session (via Skype or phone) to confirm the elements of your souls essence, your goals and the elements of your personal external beauty ( shape, color and other features of your body and how to make the most of the glory you have). Then we discuss how to review your closet and move forward with creating a wardrobe that enhances the true you.




Inner Harmony Makeover

Online Group Program


Tuition: $281

Contact LuAnn for registration



Inner Harmony Makeover

Private Program


Contact LuAnn

available for $444




8 week online

Personal Inner Harmony Feng Shui

Empowerment course.

This program is perfect for those looking to create a more uplifting and harmonious environment in there home or office, and use the power of energy to uplift their energy in powerful ways.


This can also be a great enrichment course for those who already have a feng shui background but wish to take a look at their OWN surrounds with new and fresh eyes.

This program teaches you:


* The Bagua which is an energy map to be applied to your land, your home and even each room. We will go through each area, week by week, and discuss the colors, symbolism, and intention that you may wish to add to each space.


* The Five element system of understanding how energy moves. Once you understand this process of how it moves, and also how each element interacts with the others, you can apply this to your spaces to make the 'feel' the way you want them to feel


* The Four element system: Using the aspects of many native traditions ( Native America, Celtic, Egyptian, etc) to also understand a space. Using the four elements we will define what element you are most comfortable in, and then add these elements into your personal spaces.


* Feng Shui arrangement alchemy - how to shift and change the arrangement of objects in your space to allow the energy to flow, and support the needs in the space. This includes utilizing the aspects of command position, spotting issues that block the flow of energy, and tools to use in planning a new arrangement of a space.


* Space Clearing and blessings... once your new energy template is set through feng shui, creating a space clearing and home blessing ceremony to call in all your intentions.

We will use several feng shui books as our course materials, so you will have a reference library. These are a part of the course tuition costs and are shipped to you upon registration and payment for the course

In the 8 weeks, you will have 40 hours of feng shui education, assignments and homework for your certificate of completion from Inner Harmony. But much more importantly are the changes that will have occurred in your life through implementing the shifts and enhancements that you discover you need!


I am proud to be a

Master Educator for

Interior Alignment®

but this is NOT an Interior Alignment®

certification program.


IA's curriculum is

a more in-depth

approach to these concepts, with

extra emphasis

on working with clients.

IA's course cannot be changed to be a completely online course,


While this course

does not use the

 Interior Alignment® practitioner manual

as it's textbook,

we will use Denise Linn 'Sacred Space' and

'Feng Shui for the Soul' books as part of

the course material.



Group Program:

Check calendar for next scheduled group date


click here for more details and enrollment!

Private Program


Click here for more details






Developing your  DREAMS!

A 6 week Intuitive Development online program


Each week, in the privacy of your home you will be lead on a step by step process of utilizing those gift and powers that you have been born with. We all have the ability to dream, and use those dreams to learn, and experience life at a more profound level.


During the course of this 6 week program you will :

  • Tips and ancient processes to remember your dreams, to sleep better, and enjoy the process of dreaming both at night and during the day

  • Learn to Program your dreams to gain guidance and solutions

  • Create a bedroom that as in ancient time, becomes that sacred space to honor the wise ones ability to dream powerful dreams

  • Meet your dream guide and guardian, and your dream shield symbol to help protect you during dream time

  • Heal your body or the body of others while you sleep

  • Astral travel to visit those in far away places.

  • Help you believe YOU do INDEED have this ability to step into the role of the shaman

I will be there with you on email, and with 2 phone or Skype coaching sessions to keep you on track and focused on connect with your dream messages.


There will be online goodies, such as:

  • A downloadable workbook and dream journal to record your nighttime travels and information.

  • Special nighttime guided dream journeys, recorded by Denise Linn, to only be used by Gateway Dream coaches and our students.

  • Gorgeous meditation pictures to print out and have next to your bedside for use in programming your dreams each night.

  • Two dream coaching sessions with LuAnn CIbik, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, to assist you in honing your dream skills, adjusting your bedroom for better sleep, and helping you discover the ways you can best interpret your dreams.



Ancient peoples

all over the world

used dreamtime

to gain messages

and insight

to important decisions

in their lives.


Would you like to tap into this divine right?


Are you ready to step

through the gateway,

into the role of the Shaman? 

Step into your role as the Shaman...

This special intuitive development  program is only


for 6 weeks of dream adventure and two personal coaching sessions.


Arrange for Success : PRIVATE TRAINING

Business Feng Shui and Marketing course


for providers of 'new age' services, or those entrepreneurs interested in using the power of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction in their business planning and marketing.


This 8 Step program (which is recommended that you plan one week per step to be able to thoroughly work through the program), takes you through the process of :

  • business vision mapping,

  • identification of your customers,

  • use of feng shui secrets for business,

  • how to market ( or share about your services) in the 21st century through the internet and other forms of networking

Unlike other 'Marketing' programs out there, this one allows you to focus on what makes you special and unique, how to identify what services or offerings match with your intended perfect client and then how to manifest this in your life.


It also offers your a BUSINESS FENG SHUI CONSULTATION and SPACE CLEARING as a part of your course!


Some of the extra benefits of this program are:


* A business feng shui distance consultation with LuAnn, where you send a floor plan of your office or business space, and she provides the top 10 recommendations for enhancing your business objectives in your space. (a $395 value)


* A Remote Space Clearing of your business space by LuAnn

(a $125 value)


* A beautiful Feng Shui crystal, to place in your office space

(a $59 value)


This private coaching mentoring and consultation program

is only $899