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Use The Magic of Color create the

Life of your Dreams!

Online course - with workbook and more- recorded live on Jan 23, 2021

Join LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment, to learn about how color is one of the most powerful tools you can use in feng shui, space clearing and personal empowerment through what you wear in your daily life.

LuAnn is certified in Colour Therapeutics for the Home, and a Master Educator of Interior Alignment(R) Feng Shui and Space Clearing. She has studied as a Certified Color Expert with the Home Staging Resources, and has used color extensively with her Fashion Feng Shui Clients ( which she was certified in with Evana Maggiore in 2011) So color is one of the main vibrations that she has found you can work with to instantly change the energy of your space and your life.

 The class is 4.5 hours long, broken into sections  so that you can learn at your own pace.

Whether you are in the profession of recommending color, or someone terrified of making the wrong choice, you will find value in these topics:

  • What IS color... the science behind the wavelengths of color and why this is important to know
  • How we 'feel' color and experience it's energy
  • A review of all the rainbow colors and a few more;  how they make us feel, and their best uses in your home and life
  • How to active color in your home for feng shui adjustments and enhancements using the 5 element system and the bagua
  • Working with your chakra energy and ways to adjust this with color
  • Why understanding your essence, personal intentions and physical color can help you choose the colors that support you the best in your wardrobe.
  • The many ways to bring color into a space clearing, and why you should
  • Learning your personal power colors for healing, strength and empowerment
  • Understanding the importance of light when working with colors in your home
  • What colors to avoid when you are feeling depressed, low energy, angry, tense, or overwhelmed
  • Why decorating trends might challenge your personal energy because of the colors used, what the colors of 2021 may make you feel
  • Ways to introduce colors into your life without changing your home or wardrobe



You may join the Dream Life Facebook group to ask questions or share your color experience with other class members.

You have access to LuAnn's Week of Rainbows online color course with a fun journey through the rainbow with images, colors, sounds and much more!

You have a downloadable Magic of Color workbook to use to color, journal, and keep all your notes as your learn more and more about color and what colors to create your dream life!

"I'm excited about this online workshop!

Color has been something I am passionate about for my whole life... who doesn't love coloring!  In this class you learn how to add color to your life, and heck you can color outside the lines!

By working with the energy of color, it's wavelengths and their combinations, you can shift how you feel, how your home feels, and what energy you want to call into your life.

Class will be recorded with  handout, resources and other information presented will be available to class participants"




Workshop fee:

$88 including your webpage link with video  and downloadable materials.

Limited space for the live session for personal connection


Or, send your check and registration form to:

LuAnn Cibik
Inner Harmony , Inc.
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg PA 15656